Other board…pics soon

There are 2 variations of Wii Mote.  It’s very similar, but the test pads are not exactly the same.  We’re working on getting pictures of that one too.

You can easily find the right place to solder by using an LED to test the pads in the same area until you find the right pair.  Note: You’ll need to hook up the batteries.

Updated…see type 2 picture


2 Responses to “Other board…pics soon”

  1. Frank Says:

    I used your kit I got at the faire yesterday, but I have one of each mote. Would you be willing to post the test point numbers if the picture is taking a long time?

    I’m enjoying my new glowing green button.


  2. ravoltev Says:

    I’ll pass that on to Alex! Thanks. I uploaded the photo with the test points for him – he’s catching up on home work.

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