Kits for Sale

October 29, 2008

Alex has been swamped, but he does have extra kits for sale (paypal only).  Post Maker-Faire price is $12 and includes the critical tri-wing screw driver and 2 LEDs.  If you want one, post here and he’ll get in touch with you via email.


Alex wins Editor’s Choice Ribbon!

October 20, 2008

A picture is worth 1k words…

The Editors of Make Magazine awarded Alex a blue ribbon

The Editors of Make Magazine awarded Alex a blue ribbon

Type 2 Wiring Instructions

October 20, 2008

Here is the picture to find the soldering points for the other type of Wii Mote.   Use the left point for negative and the middle of the left 3 point column for positive.  Remember – bead solder to the point and then attach the LED.

At the show, my Dad had to scrap some of the board’s clear coating off the test point with a screw driver before the solder would stick to the pad.

Alternate Soldering Points

Alternate Soldering Points

Test pad soldering advice…prime it

October 19, 2008

When soldering to test pads, it’s easiest if you solder a bead (glob) to the test pad BEFORE you try to attach the LED lead.  One you have the bead on the test pad, it’s easier to stick the LED to the bead.

Other board…pics soon

October 19, 2008

There are 2 variations of Wii Mote.  It’s very similar, but the test pads are not exactly the same.  We’re working on getting pictures of that one too.

You can easily find the right place to solder by using an LED to test the pads in the same area until you find the right pair.  Note: You’ll need to hook up the batteries.

Updated…see type 2 picture

Pictures for Mod

October 19, 2008

Here are the pictures that go with the instructions from the last post.  Click on pictures to expand.

Maker Faire Wii Mod Instructions

October 19, 2008

We were at the Austin Maker Faire yesterday and sold lots of kits.  Here are the directions that we were handing out:

Read all instructions before starting!

1. Take out batteries

2. Unscrew four screws that you can see, there are 2 in the battery holder and 2 in the holes behind the battery holder.

Put all part into a dish do you do not lose them!

3. Open Wii-mote by pressing with a standard head screw driver at a half inch from the front (see photo). Push inwards between covers to disengage plastic clip. Cover will pop open easily when you push in the right place.

Be careful: Do not pull cover apart! It may take force and dent the plastic!

4. Keep the buttons, rubber pads, and the speaker in line in the top of the Wii-mote.

5. Take out circuit board and undo the white clips for the “B” button;

Do not pull out vibrator wires (the small black object in the bottom cover)

6. Solder the long legs of the 3mm LED to positive top and short leg to the negative bottom. Check and make sure that it solder is not connected to any other pads. Check picture for the details.

7. Fold LED around the side of the circuit board, and bend the light to point up at the place behind where the “A” button rests. Make sure solder does not break, it may make it impossible to complete. The LED legs must not touch!

8. Put the clip back onto the circuit board the correct way and circuit board on the Wii-mote, make sure that you are putting it into the bottom cover.

9. Hold the bottom casing and circuit board upside-down and carefully place it onto the top cover. Make sure that the buttons are in the right place.

10. Put the screws into place and screw it in carefully after you are sure that the LED works. Test it by putting the batteries in.

11. If LED does not fit bend it carefully so that it does fit.

12. Screw in carefully. And test it again.

Make sure that you have clipped all the clips. And you now have your new modified Wii-mote.

New Blog

September 4, 2008

We’re just getting setup for the Austin Maker Faire.  We’ll have instructions and pictures about hacking Wii motes shortly.